Monday, June 11, 2012

Look! Over here! BEER NEWS!

Well, our state and city licence is now null and void as far as Queen Creek goes.  We have turned in our new application tot he state for Gilbert and life moves on again.   A lease should be locked up soon and we will now digress down the spiral that is making yeast and sugar dance.  I will be venting, crying, giggling and enlightening all with the progress from here on out as it should get interesting (again).

I am typing with 13 hrs of driving from Paso Robles, California behind me.  First off let it be known the the reason Firestone Walker Brewing Company is so successful is their complete and total love of the brewing community. I will always try and emulate the "Everyone is family policy" I receive from them. That followed by the best organization I've ever seen and , oh BTW, Mathew Brynildson is a fine brewer/human being. He enjoys people with passion as I do and we bounced that energy off of each other. They have been there for us during our Kickstarter campaign, all the advice on opening, and offering us some specs on our beer from their state of the art QC lab. Many other breweries out there have similar stories as I do. They deserve all the greatness they are experiencing. No brown nosing here, just some respect!

We will be hiring a head brewer in the coming months.  I will let you know when we will be taking resumes for that and a few other positions.  We are eyeing  January 2013 to begin brewing with the restaurant opening this September/October.  Excitement is upon us.  I have been lining up several out of state collaborations, in state, and one from the moon.  Our menu is going to be made for taste buds and bellies who need a new twist on pairing beer with gnosh.  Starting next month, our test batches will be moving back towards the Belgian influence.  A bier de mars, a coffee saison, and a basil/lime witt are on the docket.  We will be waiting for our wine barrels to arrive to commence with experiments on other eclectic and eccentric beers after bouncing idea's between our friends at Nebraska Brewing Co and Russian River Brewing Co. on working with wine barrels. Lot to lean as these beers take time to perfect so lets brew baby brew.

In cool, and downright purdy Pine, Arizona moves are being made in the AZ beer scene. The ownership is the same but the name "rimside grill" has been laid to rest and "That Brewery" is the new vision.    We stopped in after a exhausting backpack and were nourished with, well, beer.   The brewer was said to be in Colorado purchasing some brewing equipment but we were able to check out the 5 bbl system.  The menu is a good ol' pub menu and the burger I had was a beauty paired with a beer. San Tan was representing their too with the Hefe.   They should be brewing and selling at the pub sometime soon.  Northward bound is always a good thing!


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