Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Location, Location, Location

Not to rile anyone up or anything, but, the future of AZWBC may rest on the SE corner of Arizona/Guadalupe in what was the "QQ" girll( great work Sherlock Weable for being the first to call this spot out!).   The "may" part is in the works, as we would be taking over a former restaurant that needs some serious cosmetic work.  We have a budget and that is what we are trying to nail down right now.  She is a butter face that we feel confident  that we can get her all purdy again.  It's got the Feng and lacking some shui.  It truly has all the potential in the world though, with a little love needed.   I get to tell my wife, " This is why we traveled to so many pubs in the past, so we can make things look like we know what we are doing!".   Even our contractor who met us at the site yesterday showed signs of excitement about the building.  So now the negotiations begin. Once we have a lease we can get the buildings blueprints and plan for our renovations.  Then on to the city and state licensing.  Walls will get knocked down after that and  the brew system can be purchased and installed at that point.  And finally, the federal permits. The opening day party will be one of the great events in AZ beer culture history.  The menu, art work, web site, and much more can proceed once we  have a home.

The kickstarter swag is coming in by the boxes and things look better than I expected.  There are still several things that I am working prices out for so don't expect anything until mid summer.  The stickers and patches are in and we are still working on a price point.  Kickstarter backers will get theirs first, as they are the reason we still have a heart beat to move forward with these plans.

I don't plan for any of this process to "hurry along" as with everything up to this point.  I will certainly keep everyone posted with all of the happenings with this process.  Cuddle up next to some fresh paint and watch it dry, or better yet, fill your boil kettles with ice water and wait for a boil.  The road ahead will be history soon.


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