Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Acetaminophen, coffee, and 115 degrees.

Another installment that is I, Jonathan Buford, reporting what's happening in the world of Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

The build-out is looking feasible.  That is, the estimates we have received won't break the budget.  Yay. OK, YAY!  The direction we take things will certainly take some work, but nothing seems out of the ordinary.  * A side note: please remember to not open fridges of previously abandoned restaurants.  A free tip that my stomach would prefer others not go through.*  Anyways, when you are plugging away at a business plan and dreaming up a vision you might, how do I say this, be an idiot at times.  The elephants and midgets may not be feasible, nor will the garden in the middle where you can "pick your own" sandwich toppings (so sad about that one, health code shmealth code).  With some great advice, and lets be honest, other peoples money, the vision for the atmosphere inside starts to take shape.  I love the outdoors, and I love it more in Arizona than any other state.  So we want to bring a little of that to 721 N Arizona Ave. without it looking like Zsa Zsa Gabor and the southwest made a turquoise love child.  After many o' travels and asking for wisdom from publicans, I have said vision for our place.  Natural wood, rusted ribbed sheet metal, photography of AZ, a rock wall (not to be confused with a rock wall that you can actually climb), a trail system, and many other artistic touches of this state. The menu will take you from Belgium to Germany (Schnitzel!)to England, and back to the USA.  That's where my brewing influences come from, so why not cook that way as well?  The brew system itself must be engaging to the viewing audience.  Why else are we throwing our souls into an abyss like this if we can't show patrons how we do it?  Viewing bearded, sweaty, and smelly men throwing  grains and hot water together will be perfect for a romantic lunch!  My point is, expect something unique. Something different.  I like people, I want to make beer for people who want to be made, err, uh, huh? I just want to enjoy myself and have everyone do the same.  I certainly understand why some pub owners stay in the back, its mind numbing to try and make a buck in this business and then you have to explain "what an IBU is", or "whats floating in my beer?" after a 12 hour shift. Call me naive, but that excites me.  It will be my personality inside a 4000sq ft building ( I think that's a positive?).  Once the lease has been negotiated we then will start construction.  Hopefully next time, we are talking about that.

Swag is slowly coming in.  Kickstarter rewards aren't easy to decide on. These are part of a marketing plan and I would prefer they don't offend people.  I hope we can have an opening gala to host a majority of you generous folks and then you can leave with some swag on that day.  Of course I can send them by snail, but it sure would be amazing to have everyone start us off with a bang while flashing our gear.  I want to have the party in 2012, that is the goal.

Finally, I hope to see you all at made in the shade.  I will be the one with the wort in my backpack as I want to do an open ferment in the cool pines of AZ.  Many of the deciduous and conifer trees secrete a sugar source perfect for our little yeasty boys to thrive in.  I will simply take some unfermented wort, let it open all night while we celebrate.... it being Saturday.  Then hopefully come home and analyze some healthy organisms!

Till next time.

Jonathan, husband of the wonderful Katie Buford.

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