Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Boom shackalaka

 I sit here writing the final touches on an extensive, ever changing, and, well, somewhat frustrating business plan. I don't know how many people actually take pleasure in writing these things, but I do believe this massive textual massacre of a plan will be a useful tool to clearly pave the future. As I write my dreams on paper on this the 4th of July, I actually believe in a crazy notion:  this dream is going to become reality.  I am struck with a certain prideful....let’s call it a tickle.  A prideful tickle?  Never mind, let’s just say I feel prideful.  The pride felt is from the ability to create this dream without any oppression of another man's idea. The American philosopher Eric Hoffer's quote, "There can be no real freedom without the freedom to fail." says it more eloquently than I.  So, with that sentiment, I wish you all a Happy Independence Day.  Put that crap beer down, and go find a local hand crafted beer that a crazy dreamer made.

Brewery news is slow this month; I even high-fived a snail out of impatience.  We are on the docket in the Gilbert's city council meeting for August the 3rd.  I believe we will not have any issues or bumps in the road.  No picketing and rock throwing needed, Gilbert is a progressive town these days.  We will be holding hands into the sunset and being taxed before we know it!  The lease is still only a promise at this point but negotiations are going as expected.  Next week we have set a goal to sign the lease and begin construction within two weeks.  July will leave some scars, lack of sleep, weight loss, and good ol' excitement.  That's the signs of progress!

We are trying to nail down our staff needs.  We are opening the search for a full time head brewer.  1+ year minimum of commercial brewing experience will be the main criteria of the job.   This job will entail day to day operations such as, cleaning, cleaning, and probably some cleaning.  Then we will get groovy from the mill to the serving tank and all that greatness in between.  I don't want to get to in depth with the requirements, just send resumes to  Only bearded men and women who could grow one if requested need apply.

I believe in what are doing.


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