Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Ventures, New Worlds, Same Vision

I’m currently planted, ever so comfortably, on the banks of the Aravaipa Creek with sandstone cliffs towering over me. The sun its warmth into the depths of Aravaipa Canyon, where I lay. As I ponder the future, I am being subtly reminded of the beauty of the current moment. I am being reminded to enjoy the bliss that has already been created, allowing for the next moment to begin.
Aravaipa Creek, which dissects opposing canyon walls, flows through the heart of one of the hottest and driest areas on Earth. It’s ability to showcase magnificent charm in such a brutal landscape is quite unique and rather unmatched by many of it’s cohorts. It's yet another example of Arizona's incredible diversity and beauty. While I rest along the soggy bank of the creek, my eyes are led to follow the mesmerizing current of running water, which is softly and ever so elegantly meandering its way along the canyon floor as if it were made of silk. The clusters of cottonwoods and sycamores lining the creek are illuminating the water with their fall golds and rusty reds. I find content in objectively detailing the needs that nature has fulfilled by noticing its inner workings and slight details.

For instance, in the summer leaves beg the sun for its powerful energy while working simultaneously with the trees root system to create substantial energy. Then, in the fall season those same leaves abide by the rules of nature by creating sugars for the roots, so the tree will last through the dimness of winter. They essentially make a sacrifice for the greater good. Yet, do the leaves fall and becomes waste? No, as nature wouldn’t allow waste! In an instant, they fall to their next purpose: to re-energize the Earth’s soil.

This notion reminds me of a premise we believe in at Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. which simply states, “Give as much energy as you receive”. It shouldn’t take much for me to convince you that nature’s philosophies can translate directly to a healthy business objective. This ponderous thought sequence I seem to be entranced by is similar to the process that was the impetus to the brewery.
About 7 years ago, after crossing a Wilderness sign on a backpacking trip, I felt the sudden notion of bringing the Wilderness ethics and ethos to the pint glass. Now, I can smile at this memory because Mother Nature is still nurturing my busy mind. It’s revealing yet again and reminding me to perform every action on purpose, with a purpose.
Why does this chain of thoughts even matter? Because Patrick and myself both agree that it’s time to start a new chapter in the Wilderness story, which needed a clear and logical direction. We found that direction. It’s time to birth a new journey to better perform as an entity and enhance its ability to take a stand for our company values. Downtown Phoenix, Wilderness is coming to you! (Don't worry, Gilbert still remains the same as our headquarters!)
With that cat out of the bag (a funny pun as a mountain lion was just spotted monitoring us as we hike along the creek), I’ll give you 3 good reasons why this new location is important to us.
1. We’ve Matured: As a company, we’ve allowed wisdom to reformat old programs and begin new ones. No longer are we hanging by the lack of experience thread that restricted us to reach for goals and new levels of performance. We have a team that has moved past good intentions and onto incredible performance. We know what we are doing and why we are doing it. It’s time to repeat that process, sans the shitty times!
2. To us, it still matters to be “Craft”: We greatly admire the craft breweries who continuously rise the tide of authenticity and quality. This expansion will allow us to continue our efforts to give back what we’ve learned. We also believe that a business should contain a proverbial soul which continually progresses its own growth and development, bettering the world around it. Expanding our presence to downtown Phoenix allows us to continue as an authentic craft brewery while enhancing and growing the objective. We will continue our efforts to uphold our sustainability efforts (solar, reclaimed rain water, efficiently using natural lighting, recycling, composting food waste, etc), but also progressing our farm to pint/table initiatives. Remember, in the beginning of company’s operations, we had farmers extremely surprised by our desire to use their products. Now we are seeing growth in the local farming institution!

3. DT PHX is HAPPENING!!: In our travels, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the identity each urban core has to offer all around the globe. Sure, we prefer the Wilderness and the natural wonders of the World, but the city centers are a splendid showcase of the surrounding people’s abilities, feelings and artistic culture. As we become more cerebral to the needs and desires of human-kind, we sense the true desire to create a community that is exuberant, exciting and full of a creative culture. From Copenhagen to Los Angeles, Geneva to Brooklyn, Vienna to Atlanta, Curitiba to Vancouver, Reykjavik to Kansas City, Vienna to Miami... a revolution is burgeoning among like-minded folks who have pushed the boundaries of both the culinary and craft beverage culture. The great thing is that they are all thriving! We believe that Phoenix, one of the planet’s youngest cities, is ripe for greatness. The hanging fruit is ready for the pickin’. We will be bringing our experiences from travel to a downtown that is on the cusp of a cultural explosion.
Now, for the Details:
The DTPHX location was inspired by numerous influences. Think the beer gardens in Germany combined with the brash "it-is-what-it-is" style of San Francisco’s Zeitgeist. We will combine the goodness of our Arizona beef burgers and the multitude of Arizona produce, raised by farmers that we trust and admire. The artistic direction we will choose shall express the site as an urban oasis dawning AZ nature photography and murals created by local artists. The massive outdoor space will showcase Arizona trees and plants which will be an open environment allowing the patio gardens to be enjoyed wherever you prefer to sit. We have chosen the counter service direction to better serve the large-scale audience more effect and efficiently. We want to be a good fit for the already badass companies down there and enhance each other. We are honored that so many folks in the municipal sector are excited for our new endeavors, and we promise to deliver!
Who: Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co DTPHX
Where:  201 E Roosevelt St in Downtown Phoenix
 What: A counter service style burger restaurant serving our own Wilderness beers, Arizona wines and cocktails on draft with a large-scale patio bier garden 
More What:  An awesome packaged (to-go) beer program! This new location will increase our bottle and can inventory greatly, as well as our ability to get it to our awesome customers. More releases with more packaged beer as well as a strong inventory of bottle conditioned ales. 
When:  Spring of 2019 is the objective

In the long run, Patrick and I desire to fulfill everyone’s expectations of AZ Wilderness, while continuing to pursue a greater objective. That greater objective is to be a positive force for the great state we call home. We desire the canyons, riparian waterways, deserts, mountains, pine forests, birds and bees... and so on, to be cherished and protected. We desire charitable initiates and initiatives that better the community around us. Can that coincide with a brewery serving burgers? Yes! We, as owners, must be conscious in our efforts to not simply create commerce, but to make commerce drive conservation and community. That is Patrick and I’s core commitment.
We all create our own destiny. Rather than talking about ours we are diligently making it happen. Thanks for all the support up to this point and let us all raise a pint to the future of Arizona!

Jonathan Buford

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  1. good luck with your new location. i'm very familiar with that area. i worked at the phx art museum in 80-81. and more recently like to shop revolver across the street. mark lymer