Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 loves me, loves me not.

My mood is set to Bliss. My sleep patterns, 6-8 per night. Bags under my eyes...GONE. As many of you know, these things weren't always this way.  As I reflect on all things 2013, I don't know whether or not to A.)quiver in fear B.)jump as high as I can (2-5 inches at best) or C.) both. I'll tell you this much: we are open and that's the daily agenda around here.  No more cryin', no more stress to "get open".  January of last year we had big hopes of opening in the Spring. We had little worries and construction was finally underway. Kids at the playground on the first day of summer. Then, in a act of brilliant defiance, life went, well,  all life on us. Months past, money ran dry, mortgages went late (WAY LATE), and sleep was near impossible. It became quite a long and pretty intolerant year.  " We will open in _________, we promise" became our motto. I could keep doing this in this blog, but why? I can barely remember those times.  This year doesn't end anywhere NEAR failure. For this year, my friends, may just be the greatest year of my life.

It all starts with team and  close family/friends.  I still lay my head on a pillow every night next to my beautiful and amazing wife, Katie.  Trust me, that's number 1 in my life whether or not we opened. I still love her with all of my heart and apparently she feels the same. So that's a win! My parent's would be proud of me even if I started a pooper scooper company (Pick Your Poo?), so I've got that still. Score. We have assembled a staff that has come together as a motley crew of bad-assery and silliness that I am totally in love with.  We know the importance they bring, therefore they are an extension of us. I mean c'mon every Saturday has been dubbed "Cat-ur-day" with them all dawning cat shirts. So good! We got them all Cicerone Certified Beer Server Exam's for Christmas.  They are our first crew and need to be honored as that and eternally thanked.   Brewing beer for a living is not the dream. No, it's having all of the above.  That is what makes me feel all of the freaking pride in the world.  That's the good stuff.

Finally, the beer. Oh the beer. We have made 24 different styles and 30 batches in 4 months.  From local produce, to a documentary featuring locally grown white wheat. From Cabernet grapes in the desert to wild yeast in a date porter. From spices, to barrel aging. The fact that you all show up...BRAVO. We aren't starving artist exclaiming to the world that "No one understands".  The life-blood. And we've only just begun! We know we aren't universally accepted (just read some of our SCATHING reviews!) We also know that we will fall short at times.  But know this: WE CARE MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE. To the "bad review writer" they may think this place is four walls and a register just pushing another product.  To us, it's our legacy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting us and giving us a chance. Much love!

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