Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updates and Rainbows

Finally an update!
Here is the deal, we have been slow to give updates because, honestly, we didn't know if we would make it this far or not.  As in... an empty and lifeless building and selling our dogs for money.  We risked it all signing the lease somewhat blindly in September. Ignorance truly is bliss, but we are driven to move forward! Paying rent for a building that's not open is a tough road to go, so we have been plugging away like mice chasing the smell of cheese in a maze.  We can now at least see the cheese ( though it's under lock and key still)!

A year ago today we were filming the Kickstarter video in plans for the nano brewery in Queen Creek. When LA Fitness shut us out, we were dumbfounded. Especially because money was put into that place from our own pockets and no one in that company told us of the special clause LA fitness held.  This is just part of the growth of our business knowledge and toughening of the skin'.  It's like touching the oven and getting burnt.  So instead of avoiding ovens all together we learned to cook! *Terrible analogies.com called and asked me to stop using their ideas, so I digress:*
  You can piece together the major events in our history from this blog/Facebook, but from Oct-January we were misled, misjudged, misunderstood, misinformed, and misrepresented.  We blame ourselves, and from it we learned a beautiful lesson. That lesson being:  KEEP YOUR PAYING JOBS. Money will fall from your pockets like a hipster changes clothing styles.  Too many people assumed we are living a dream, but we shiver at the thought of the possibility of what may have been, and shoot, at this point I shiver at what tomorrow will throw our way.  Anyways, we have prevailed and construction is well underway.  The contracting company, Heritage Construction Specialists, is plugging away to build our dream.   Honestly, we are the new Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company moving forward and that's just it in a nutshell.

Being the first brewery in Gilbert's history (there was a discussion about this topic, so I will re-word, "we are the first approved microbrewery by the Gilbert Town Council in regards to brewing beer in it's town's limits") we had a few bumps in the road.  Their was a bunch of learning on both sides, and that added to the unforeseen month delay.  They have been a pleasure to work with, so not to worry all was discussed and approved.  Soon, the county health inspection will be underway and the light at the end will continue to brighten!

On a good note: Patrick Ware (formally of San Tan Brewing fame) joined the team.  First things first, San Tan is a company we really admire.  Anthony, the owner, fought the good fight and I really respect the road he has taken and am in awe of his success.  There was nothing but respect when Patrick made a career change from both sides, and I consider it a win for AZ craft beer.  Why don't I brew it all?  I want to build a brand that lasts further than my mind can see. With his knowledge, dedication, and skills, ok and his handsome beard, I believe we have a winning team.  Not to say anyone who does it any other way can't build, I just think I am a wimp and would die weeks into the ordeal. Go to San Tan Brewing with serious admiration for a company who has fought and clawed their way through Lame Recession (I can't call it the "GREAT RECESSION" cause' it wasn't great)  and have built an incredible brand.

Wrapping things up:  I know this blog wasn't as much about this beer as it could have been.  That will come soon enough. Now we continue to build, raise money, spend it, dance, cry, laugh, and soon, oh so soon, BREW BABY BREW.  It's a go, it's real. Next we just have to keep the doors open.  That's a whole different story!



  1. Sending Warm Beer Blessings your way - Thanks for the most awesome update!

  2. Went to get a bagel this morning and heard the chains being pulled off a door. Was super stoked when I looked over and saw the Coming Soon sign.